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  Welcome to AP Bar Council The Bar Council of the State of AP is a Statutory Body for lawyers practicing solely as Advocates    
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(ACT NO. 25 OF 1961)



1. Short title, extent and commencement.
2. Definitions.

Bar Councils

3.     State Bar Councils.
4.     Bar Council of  India.
5.     Bar Council to be body corporate.
6.     Functions of  State Bar Councils.
7.     Functions of Bar Council of India.
7A.  Membership in international bodies.
8.     Term of office of members of State Bar Council.
9.     Disciplinary Committees.
9A. Constitution of Legal Aid Committee
10.   Constitution of Committees other than disciplinary committees.
10A. Transaction of business by Bar Councils and committees thereof.
10B. Disqualification of members of Bar Council.
11.   Staff of Bar Council.
12.   Accounts and audit.
13.   Vacancies in Bar Councils and committees thereof not to invalidate action taken.
14.   Election to Bar Councils not to be questioned on certain grounds.
15.   Power to makes rules.

Admission an enrolment of Advocates

16.      Senior and other advocates.
17.      State Bar Council to maintain roll of advocates.
18.      Transfer of name from one State roll to another.
19.      State Bar Council to send copies of roll of advocates to the Bar Council of India.
20.      Special provision for enrolment of certain Supreme Court Advocates.
21.      Disputes regarding seniority.
22.      Certificate of enrolment.
23.      Right of pre-audience.
24.      Persons who may be admitted as advocates on a State Roll.
24A.    Disqualification for enrolment.
25.      Authority to whom application for enrolment may be made.
26.       Disposal of applications for admission as an advocate.
26A.    Power to remove names from roll.
27.       Application once refused not to be entertained by another Bar Council except in Certain circumstances.
28.       Power to make rules.

Right to Practise

29.       Advocates to be the only recognized class of persons entitled to Practise Law.
30.       Right of advocates to practice.
31.       Omitted.
32.       Power of court to permit appearances in particulars cases.
33.       Advocates alone entitled to practise.
34.       Power of High Courts to make rules.

Conduct of Advocates

35.       Punishment of Advocates for misconduct.
36.       Disciplinary powers of Bar Council of India.
36A.    Changes in Constitution of disciplinary committees.
36B.     Disposal of Disciplinary proceedings.
37.       Appeal to the Bar Council of India.
38.       Appeal to the Supreme Court.
39.       Application of Sections 5 and 12 of Limitation Act, 1963.
40.       Stay of order.
41.       Alteration in roll of Advocates.
42.       Powers of disciplinary committee.
42A.    Powers of Bar Council of India and other Committees.
43.       Cost of proceedings before a disciplinary committee.
44.       Review of orders by disciplinary committee.


45.       Penalty for persons illegally practicing in courts and before other authorities.
46.       Omitted.
46A.    Financial assistance of State Bar Council.
47.       Reciprocity.
48.       Indemnity against legal proceedings.
48A.    Power of revision.
48B.     Power to give directions.
49.       General power of the Bar Council of India to make rules.
49A.    Power of Central Government to make rules.
50.       Repeal of certain enactments.
51.       Rule of constructions.
52.       Saving.

Temporary and Transitional Provisions

53.       Elections to first State Bar Council.
54.       Tern of office of members of first State Bar Councils.
55.       Rights of certain existing legal practitioners not affected.
56.       Dissolution of existing Bar Councils.
57.       Power to make rules pending the constitution of a Bar Council.
58.       Special provisions during the traditional period.
58A.    Special provisions with respect to certain advocates.
58AA.  Special provisions in relation to the Union Territory of  Pondicherry.
58AB.  Special provision with respect to certain persons enrolled by Mysore State Bar Council.
58AC.  Special provisions with respect to certain persons enrolled by Uttar Pradesh State Bar Council.
58AD.  Special provisions with respect to certain persons migrating to India.
58AE.  Special provisions in relation to the Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu.
58AF.  Special provisions in relation to Jammu and Kashmir.
58AG.  Special provisions in relation to articled clerks.
58B.     Special provision relating to certain disciplinary proceedings.
59.       Removal of difficulties.
60.       Power of Central Government to make rules.


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